Suzie Gets horny

Sep 22nd // niches: Big Tits, Blondes, Outdoors, Tits

When Suzie gets horny she likes to lay out on the sand and play with her nice tits.She rubs oil all over her body and begins to pinch on her nipples.She closes her eyes as she imagines a big cock ready to penetrate her and cum all over her tits.


Big Tits, Big Cock

Sep 21st // niches: Big Cock, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjobs, Deep Throat, Teens

Mindy was painting her room a bright blue because she is a very cheer full teen.She likes bright colors but she likes to have fun the most out of everything.She’ll do anything and anyone as long as she has a great time.Her boyfriend came over to see the progress she had made painting but he mainly came over for a blowjob!


She didnt mind because she wanted to take a break from painting.Theres no better way to do that than with a nice fat cock in your mouth.She started to suck on that dick as she playfully wrapped it around her pearl necklace.She began to pull on the necklace making the pearls rub on the cock and get her boyfriend more excited.


She gave him a nice juicy blowjob and his cock was getting very wet from her oral juices.Her mouth was very wet and moist and it felt like he was fucking her teen pussy as well.


Russian Blowjob

Sep 20th // niches: Big Cock, Big Tits, Blondes, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowers, Deep Throat, Facials

Down in Russian they take their blowjobs very seriously.The women are expected to perform some great fellatio under any circumstances.Take for instance Monika in these pictures.She was smoking a cigarette when her man demanded a blow job from her nice juicy lips.She was able to pull it off quite nicely.


She took the very fat thick cock into her mouth and started to tug and suck on it.It was very big and thick and it barely fit into her mouth.She had to stop and open even wider to get that dick inside.She got naked and squatted down so her man could control her bobbing head in and out of his cock.She likes when shes told what to do.


She wanted to get her face sticky so she grabbed on the cock and continued sucking.She also began to stroke on the dick really hard and fast while giving a blowjob.He shot out his white messy cum all over her face and she continued to smoke on her cigarette!


Cindi and Three Cocks

Sep 19th // niches: Anal, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Deepthroat, Double Penetration, European, Fucking, Gang Bang, Great Ass, big dick

Cindi is a horny Euro slut that craves cock just as much as they drink wine in France.She has every right to get filled with as many dicks as she wants because she is so hot and sexy that no dick in the world would ever turn her down.Her favorite past time is looking for dicks to fuck online, and today she contacted 3 of them for fun.


As the lucky cocks showed up at her loft she was ready and willing to take a fat dick into her tight anal hole.She lay on the bed and they all came over and started to ravage her fine ass body.She even opened up her legs wide to make it easier to play with her pussy and anal hole.She started to suck on one dick, while another ass fucked her and she jacked off on the 3rd cock!


She was having a swinging great time when the guys decided to fill all her holes at once.Since she was all wet with her pussy juice they slide right in as she took one dick inside of her mouth, another cock stuffed her pussy, and she got plugged in the ass by the 3rd hot cock!


Faye and Ashley Assfuck

Sep 18th // niches: Anal, Blondes, Brunettes, Fucking, Lesbian, Masturbation, Teens, Toys

Faye and Ashley are two horny teen they got out early from school and wanted to take advantage of the situation by getting hardcore with each other and using some hot big toys on their pussies and tight anal holes.They got home and started to touch each other and smile.As they stripped off their clothes they got even hot and heavier with the kissing and licking.The girls were ready to go a step further and as fast as they could!


They licked and fingered their pussies for quite awhile until they were dripping wet pussy juice all over.Suddenly Faye came out with a big black strap on! Ashley knew what was coming so she laid down as Faye straddled her body.She got ready and shoved that big black toy inside of her pussy.She started to fuck her pussy good with that strap on toy and making her moan.


Ashley wanted to get back at Faye so after she came she took out her special toy that was a big fat vibrator.She told her that she was going to penetrate her ass with this big toy and the girls were giggling and ready.She slowly shoved the toy into her tight anal hole and started to ass fuck her.


Judy Gives BJ

Sep 17th // niches: Blondes, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowing, Deep Throat, Facials

Judy is a very sexy independent model trying to make it out in the real world with her sexy body and image.She hired me to do some personal promo reels of her posing and modeling abilities.She came over to my studio and things started smoothly as she was posing for the camera and getting some great shots.All of a sudden she came over to me and got on her knees.She took my dick out of my shorts and caught me by surprise!


She started to give me a blowjob and i wont lie, it felt really great.Its been awhile since my wife went down on me so i wasn’t about to tell her no.I did want to know why she was doing this though and in between gasping for air from sucking my cock she mentioned that she wanted to include some action shots in her reel for some porno companies.So this is what its like to be a stunt cock right?


She sucked on my dick really good.I was enjoying it and sometimes i would mess up and not have her on camera because i was concentrating on her pleasing my dick.


I put the camera on the stand started to get undressed.I might as well face fuck this hot babe while i have the time.I came inside of her mouth and i shot a gallon of semen inside of her mouth!

Krystal Wants Cock

Sep 16th // niches: Asians, Big Cock, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Cum Swallowers, Deep Throat, Facials

Krystal is a horny college co-ed student at private university.She was starting to do bad with her grades and she needed to do something quick in order to get them back up.She decided to visit the dean for a full explanation on the situation.When she arrived she got an idea in her head that maybe is she pleased his old cock he would help her out and raise her grades.She started to get closer to him until she started to grope on his crotch and she felt the bulge grow.


The Dean didnt contest it at all and this was something regular that happened to him all the time.He decided to take advantage of the situation and let Krystal work her grades up.His cock got very hard as she took it out of his pants.She opened up her mouth and shoved it in as she started to go down on him and give him a blowjob.


She got him into the mood because she was very good at sucking his dick.She took off her top and her nice tits were in full display for him to look at as she took his cock in her mouth.She grabbed him by the balls and started to stroke on that fat dick.She started to take the dick in further and look him in the eyes as she sucked him dry.


Finally he shot his semen all over her face.She swallowed most of it and loved the salty taste it provided.

Samira Gets creamed

Sep 15th // niches: Big Cock, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Facials, Fucking, Teens

I met this crazy wild great looking chick named Samira at a friends party but didnt get the chance to hook up with her that night.Luckily she called me back a few days later because she was in the neighborhood and wanted to pay me a visit.She walked into my place and she was looking super fine and sexy. I started to flirt with her and make her feel like she was really special.She was really special because she was the only pussy around at the time and i wanted to get into her pants and jizz on her face bad!


She got on her knees and started to suck on my cock.She took it into her horny wet mouth and licked on it and with her suction powers started to take it inside of her.She looked up at me in approval and i was enjoying her lips wrapped around my fat cock. Her pussy was looking mighty fine by now so i laid her down and i noticed that she was very wet.I took my long cock and started to tease on her nice pussy with it.I rubbed her first then started to fuck her good.


I was having a great time penetrating that nice warm pussy.As i shoved my cock in and out of her pussy i felt the urge to shoot my cum all over her face.I asked her to suck on my cock some more so i could catch her by surprise and shoot my jizz onto her face.


Britney Amber Suck

Sep 14th // niches: Big Cock, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjobs, Cum Shots, Deep Throat, Facials

Britney Amber is a very hot horny big tit blonde that loves to have fun.She enjoys her time in the gym and making her perfect body all toned up and great looking.She usually has all the personal trainers trying to get her to train with them for free because of the rumor that has been circulating around.Everyone says that this blonde babe treats all her trainers to her hot body and pleases them orally with blow jobs.We can only imagine what else she would love to do with those nice big tits of hers.


Too bad for them because she already has her favorite trainer picked out and loves to spend that extra time with him as she tone’s up her muscles and her throat! She took her trainers big fat cock inside of her mouth and she begins to suck him dry.While she lifts her weights, she’s able to suck on that dick and get it very wet and horny.


She likes to suck on his fat cock and make him very hard.She knows when she has the upper hand and is working that dick because it starts to tremble as she uses all her throat power to suck on it good.Finally after multiple sucks on the cock it begins to spit out the white mess.The hot gooey white cum shoots all over her mouth and face making her feel her workout.


Erica Ellyson

Sep 13th // niches: Brunettes, Little Tits, Outdoors, Small Tits, Tits

Check out this sexy hot woman as she gets very soapy and wet washing a very hot car.It’s Erica Ellyson and she prefers to do everything the sexy way.She starts to get the car wet and she also begins to take off her clothes so you can see her nice perky breasts ready for you!


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