Rachel gets Wild

Aug 29th // niches: Big Tits, Blow Jobs, Brunettes, Cougars, Fucking, Hardcore, Pornstars, Public Nudity, big dick

Rachel is being a very naughty girl. She booked a flight on a helicopter to have some fun but she ended up falling head over heels for the instructor that was going to give her some nice facts.Instead she wanted his cock and she didnt mind if she had to blow him right there on the chopper either.She stripped down and took his hard dick into her hands as she leaned in and opened her mouth.She started to give the instructor some nice head and he moaned because her lips felt really great on his cock.


She always wanted to fuck up in the air so she took advantage of the situation and decided to sit on the instructors cock.She held on and officially joined the mile high club as she fucked his dick from above and enjoyed every minute of it with her wet pussy.


Hot Street Blowjob

Aug 28th // niches: Big Cock, Blowjobs, Brunette, Cum Swallowers, Deep Throat, In Public

Driving around trying to get a nice blowjob for you guys to see is rather hard.For one there aint that many hot chicks just walking around and two, they get freaked out when we ask them if they want to suck on a dick for some cash on camera.I gotta tell you though, when we find horny freaks like Sandra here, its all well worth the trouble and we get excited whenever we hook up with a hot and willing babe like her.


We had to drive off to a wooded area (no pun intended) and hide in the bushes and shrub.Sandra was ready and as soon as we arrived she got on her knees and took my dick into her hands.She started to suck me off and stroke on my dick and make me very hard and horny.As she looked up at me i was recording her every move.


She got horny and go undressed and started to suck on my dick really hard.She really wanted my cum all over her inside of her mouth and i was happy to help her out.Check out the awesome blowjob this babe gave me.


Tamara drips cum

Aug 27th // niches: Big Cock, Blowjobs, Ebony, Facials, Interracial

Its really rare to find a really hot and awesome ebony babe that likes to get her face wet and messy with some bubbly salty white cum>i was lucky enough to meet Tamara and she came over to my house to get her weekly facial from my cock.She was very playful and actually let me record our encounter for the first time for all of you to see.


She took my dick with a smile and stroked on my cock up and down in a nice motion.She started out nice and slow but gradually gained speed once she saw that my eyes were closed and enjoying her hand wrapped around my dick.She even licked a few times and had me stand up so i could get my cock closer and able to pin point a landing spot for my jizz.


She teased on my balls and licked me all over and started to stroke my cock even faster.I felt the urge to explode and when i was ready i told her i was about to cum.She told me “anywhere baby” and i aimed it at her mouth and let it blow.My cum got on her face and she licked the rest off.


Jenny & Katie Party Suck

Aug 26th // niches: Big Cock, Big Tits, Blondes, Blowjobs, Brunettes, In Public

Jenny and Katie were ready for the weekend and they were looking forward to getting some drinks in them and sucking some cocks! The party girls were excited because they had a party to go to where they knew they would have lots of fun and meet lots of horny college guys that wouldn’t mind getting a blow job from these two horny babes.


They arrived and instantly hit the keg with their red cups. the girls filled up and started to get the party jumping.They drank and got little by little buzzed.Pretty soon they were flashing the camera and showing their tits.After awhile they ended up on the couch where they were making out.


As they locked lips and licked and kissed each other the girls began to get very horny and wet.Some frat dude wanted to take advantage of the situation so he started to chat up the girls with some horny talk that was only making them hotter.Before you knew it both girls were naked and on their knees sucking this lucky guys long cock with their mouths!


Workout Blowjob

Aug 25th // niches: Blondes, Blowjobs, Deep Throat

Denise was out at the gym having a really great workout working in her glutes and just giving it her all.As she kept bending over to get her exercise routine done she noticed some guy walking by.She wouldn’t have paid much attention to him but upon second glance she saw that he was checking her out and he had a huge boner to boot!!She confronted him about it and wanted to see what he was all about.


The dude said he was sorry but he couldn’t help it that Denise had a really nice ass.He was checking her out for awhile and he said that looking at her nice round ass only made him horny and have a long boner.He was actually kind of mad because now he couldn’t work out either so Denise decided to help out the cock in distress.She figured she could use it as an exercise as well.


She pulled his shorts down and his long dick was staring her in the face.She just grabbed it with her hands and started to blow him off.His nice long dick felt really good inside of her mouth as she stroked the cock and sucked him off nice and good.


Chase Likes Them Long

Aug 24th // niches: Anal, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Deepthroat, Fucking, Oral, big dick, reality

Chase likes the cocks that she sucks and fucks to be nice and long.She especially likes it when she finds a stranger at the bar with a nice length cock that she wants to ride inside of her tight anal hole.She made her way to her favorite bar to see which lucky guy would be picking up on this hot babe.


She met a guy named Joe and after playing pool for awhile Chase figured he’d be good enough to ass fuck her.First she needed to check out his cock and make sure it was nice and long.She pulled his pants down and was pleasantly surprised when a long dick popped out at her.She started to give him a blow job to get him ready.


She then demanded that he insert his long dick inside of her tight anal hole.He had no problems about this as he bent her over and with his wet dick started to pound her in the ass.he was ass fucking her on the pool table and she was enjoying it and getting off.


Cody Lewis

Aug 23rd // niches: Big Tits, Blondes, Lingerie, Tits

Cody Lewis has some trouble keeping her clothes on at all times.She likes to get undressed and show off how hot and big and round her nice tits are.We wouldn’t mind having her around all the time so we can glance at those big busty breasts of hers.


Strip Search

Aug 22nd // niches: Brunette, Lesbians, Sex Toys, Toys

Marisela didnt know it would be this difficult to cross back into the US from her recent vacation in Mexico.She knew that she was going to go through some tough security but this just seemed like too much for her!She was paired up with officer Lewis who told her that she needed to do a standard check up of all her holes.


Marisela found the officer to be extremely hot and sexy herself.She didnt mind much because she was attracted to the big tit officer as she handled her breasts and undressed her.After a little bit of searching the officer pulled out a nice thick strap on and made Marisela turn over as she began to shove that toy inside of her dripping wet pussy.


Big Tits To Fuck

Aug 21st // niches: Big Tits, Brunettes, Fucking, Hardcore, Pornstars, big dick

Carmella has some very big tits which she like to use when she fucks.She enjoys getting a dick very hard and firm using her mouth or any other necessary action and making the cock stick straight up.She takes the dick and places it between her two big breasts and begins to pump the cock with her tits.That dick is enjoying this hot tit fuck.


Carmella next lays down and opens wide as she accepts a deposit from this long thick cock.he rams her pussy in and out and makes her hold on to her tits so they wont hit her in the face as they bounce up and down.


Is That a Cock?

Aug 20th // niches: Big Cock, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Brunette, Cum Shots, Cum Swallowers, Deep Throat

Sandra was at our studios trying to get some headshots done for her new modeling portfolio.She turned over and noticed one of the other models that was also getting pictures taking of his cock because he wanted to make it in porn.Once Sandra saw his big thick dick she glanced and asked if that dick was real.We asked her if she wanted to see it in person and she nodded in excitement.


Once she was introduced to the actor with the big cock she kneeled down and asked if she could have some fun with the dick.We all decided that we could get two portfolios done at once with her having some action blow job scenes and the cock getting sucked by her horny mouth.


She licked on the tip of the dick and made it nice and wet and stand up.She opened up and took the complete cock inside of her mouth like a deep throat queen.We couldn’t believe it at first until we saw that dick disappear and go out of sight inside of her mouth.


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