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May 06th // niches: Big Cock, Big Tits, Blondes, Blowjobs, Cougars, Cum Swallowers, Facials, Fucking, MILFs, Pornstars

Cassandra the MILF enjoys luring her older sons best friends to her bedroom whenever shes home alone.Shes at her prime and all she wants to do is get fucked by some thick long cocks.We cant blame her because if we were female and had a smoking hot body like that we would be pleasing college dudes all over! Lucky for us we get the receiving end of those nice MILF lips.


We loved the way she moved in for the kill and just handled that long dick.She took it into her hands and started to stroke on it while she used her lips and tongue to lick it all over.She was getting that dick nice and juicy with her horny MILF lips.She also took the tip of the cock and rubbed it against her big round breasts just for good measure.


The cock wanted more out of this MILF so he had her turn around and he started to pump her pussy with his long stiff cock.She didnt know what was coming as he wrecked her pussy good and hard.She was enjoying getting fucked by this college dude until he had to finish.He pulled his cock out and stroked himself as he shot her face full of his cum.


Darcy Gets Creamed

May 05th // niches: Big Cock, Blondes, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowers, Deep Throat, MILFs

Darcy is a blonde babe that answered one of our online ads looking for hot women that want to make a little extra cash on the side.We were lucky to get her because sometimes it seems like we get the bottom of the litter but like always we only show you the hottest bitches sucking cock and giving blow jobs.


She smiled and was really upbeat, she said she was a little nervous because she had never done this on camera and we told her that now was the right time to start.She took the dick and rubbed it around her lips and teeth until she had the guts to just jump in and get to the blowjob at hand.


She took that dick inside of her mouth voraciously and she was actually giving a great blowjob.We thought she was going to give us a boring scene but she turned out to be well versed in the ways of sucking dick.This is one Class A blow job giver!


Jennifer Hardcore Action

May 04th // niches: Blondes, Blowjobs, Cougars, Cum Swallowing, MILFs

Welcome Jennifer and her hardcore action ways.When we welcomed her into the studio this hot MILF lady was ready to give it her all and fuck that cock too! We had to restrain her ((for a bit)) in order to get her to do her dick sucking scene.She was a really experienced babe and she knew what she was doing.She took off her top and her massive tits were just there for us to enjoy.


She walked over to the cock and kneeled down as she smiled and opened up her mouth.A long wet tongue rolled out and she started dot lick on the dick like it were a popsicle with pleasure.Seriously, we know this MILF has a lot of dick sucking years, she was hot!


She was so hot that she made our stunt cock cream her mouth with his jizz without a notice.Luckily Jennifer enjoys some salty white cum as she showed us the load and then swallowed it!


Julia Ann

May 03rd // niches: Big Tits, Blondes, Lingerie, Outdoors, Tits

Julia Ann wants you to experience the best breasts around.Of course they happen to belong to her as she takes a dip in her pool.She comes out of the water and stands up to squeeze her nice thick tits together for you to enjoy and marvel at!


Pamela Deep Throat

May 02nd // niches: Big Cock, Blowjobs, Brunette, Cum Shots, Deep Throat

Pamela is a hot teen that likes to suck dicks.We dont know how we do it but we happen to find the hottest teen suckers around and Pamela is no exception.This brunette beauty came over and was ready for the dick at hand.When i took my cock out and started to film i got some nice shots of her looking up at me as she licked on my dick and got it all wet with her mouth.


She had me lay down and grabbed my cock by the base as she started to suck on it like popsicle that was melting away.She had an aggressive mouth that sucked on my cock and gave me a great hand job at the same time.She told me i still wasnt ready for what was to come and i was excited to see what else she had up her sleeve for my cock.


She opened wide and slowly i saw her move her head in closer and actually swallow my whole cock.She kept it inside of her mouth forever and thats when i shot my cum deep into her throat.She gasped for air and pulled out my dick as she wiped her mouth and smiled because my dick made her happy!


Prison Blowjob

May 01st // niches: 28, Big Cock, Blondes, Blowjobs, Cum Swallowers, Deep Throat, Throat Gaggers

Nancy was in a womens correctional facility for not paying a bunch of traffic tickets that she owed.She was sentence to 30 days behind bars and that would be very difficult for Nancy.She is such a horny babe that she cant go 30 days without a cock to please her nice pussy.She found out about some of the other inmates sneaking in Dildos inside of books so she paid to have one delivered to her.


She used the dildo on her pussy but she was too loud, so loud that she got caught and sent to the Wardens office.There he heard about how hot and horny she sounded as she fucked herself so he thought he would give her exactly what she wanted and he flung out his stiff dick.Nancy was ordered to suck his dick and give him a blow job while she pleased her pussy as well with the dildo.


She was enjoying herself a little too much so the Warden had to show her who was in charge.He grabbed her from her hair and shoved his dick even deeper inside of her mouth as Nancy gasped for air.The warden didnt know that Nancy loves aggressive sex and blowjobs so this only helped to make her wet and have an orgasm all over his office!


Amber Works the Cock

Apr 30th // niches: Blowjobs, Brunettes, Cum Shots, Facials, Teens

Amber works at a mens clothing store and she is a slutty girl that wants to get busy with all of the hot guys that come in.Today she was he;lping Max pick out some clothes but she was being a bitch on purpose.She was turning down all the outfits he tried and she finally walked over to him and slid his pants down.She leaned into his ear and whispered that she thinks he looks better without any clothes! His cock jumped up!


Amber got on her knees and took his dick into her hand.She started to lick the tip of the dick as Max enjoyed himself and he saw how wet and horny Ambers mouth was.She was tugging and licking on his dick nice and slow.She got it so wet from her mouth that it was practically dripping with her oral juices.She took the cock and started to give it head.


She kept on sucking Max’s dick and stuffing it into her mouth.She tugged and tugged and she finally felt Max’s cock blow up and get extra hard.She knew that his dick was ready to shoot out its white goodness so she stroked his dick until the cum shot out all over her body and face.


Teen First Anal

Apr 29th // niches: Anal, Big Ass, Blondes, European, Fucking, Lesbian, Teens, Toys

Miranda and her friend Dawn had a sleep over recently as the girls were left alone because their parents went on vacation for a week.the two best friends have experienced many first in their lives but now Dawn wanted to show Miranda hoe pleasurable and great it feels to have a thick cock inside of her anal hole.Miranda was curious and she trusted her best friend enough to do the horny deed.


The girls started to make out in the kitchen while they were baking some sweets but soon enough they forgot about the baking and started to get into each other.Dawn started to make out with her best friend and they both undressed.Dawn ran up to her room and came back with a dildo which she used on Miranda’s pussy to get it nice and lubed up for the anal fuck.


When Miranda was ready Dawn pulled the dildo out of her wet pussy and had Dawn lay down.She gently took the dildo and started to shove it inside of her tight anal hole.Miranda screamed but she enjoyed the pleasure as Dawn started to ass fuck her best friend nice and good!


Undress Erin

Apr 28th // niches: Brunette, Panties, Skirts

Ready to undress Erin with your eyes?Thats ok, you wont have to imagine it because with this horny sexy video you’ll see this busty babe do it for you one step at a time.She likes to get close to camera and begin to take off her clothes.You can bet that those small jean shorts and tiny top are about to be thrown to the curb.


She takes them off both and you get to see her busty big tits in full view.They look delicious and great but that not all because you can see her pink panties that are just itching to be taken off as well.She rubs on herself down there and makes herself start to drip some pussy juice for you.


Finally! She lips those panties off and gives you a grand view of that pink pussy that we’ve all been waiting for.She has some nice pink lips attached there and we can think of so many things that we’d love to do to her pussy.


Taylor Wayne

Apr 27th // niches: Blondes, Breasts, Cougars, High Heels, MILFs, Panties, Party Girls, Porn Stars, Stockings

Taylor Wayne is a horny blonde porn starlet and she looks better than ever with her awesome body.We arrived for our shoot as she waited for us wearing a nice outfit that just barely held her big tits in place.Those massive juggs looked delicious on this deviant looking blonde babe.


She stripped off and we were assaulted with some nice visual of her curvy body.She had some very big tits that looked delicious out in the open as she hugged them and squeezed them together.She is such a hot babe!


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