Dorm Room Craze

Aug 21st // niches: Blondes, Brunettes, Fucking, Panties, Small Tits, Teens

We hit up a dorm room for some wild action sex parties and we werent disappointed with what we found.As soon as our cameras entered the party dorm we were greeted with 3 great assess staring us back and flashing us.We got it all on camera as these three horny college co-eds started to go too far in their actions!


Were not sure if they forgot we were filming them, if they didnt care, of if they were having too much fun but we caught it all on camera! They started to get flirty with one of our camera guy’s and as he’s not one to let a good opportunity pass he jumped in bed and see how far he was going to go.


He was able to score with one of the hottest crazy girls! Normally i dont want to see what my co-workers cocks look like but this action was non stop as he banged her good.I was really proud of the way he wrecked that pussy because he actually made her orgasm all over him!


Kayme Lai Big Cock Suck

Aug 20th // niches: Asians, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Cum Shots, Cum Swallowing, Deep Throat, Ebony, Facials

Kayme Lai loves to suck on some big black dicks.This pacific Asian babe gets down and dirty and can handle any big dick that gets thrown her way.Today she had the pleasure of taking my black cock inside of her mouth and giving me a messy wet blow job.Im glad she’ll come back for more because she couldn’t let go of my cock.


I took my fat cock and made her open her mouth as wide as can be.She looked at me and struggled to fit it all in but once that big boy was gliding inside of her mouth she was sucking dick like a pro.My big black cock was filling her mouth up completely as i shoved it in and out of her oral orifice.


She got really into my dick and undressed to show me her nice little tits.I was planning on getting her naked and shooting my cum load all over her chest.She would love some white salty cum from this big black cock on her fer reals!


Missy Stone Punished

Aug 19th // niches: Anal, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Deepthroat, Fucking, Oral, Teens, big dick

Scott was patiently waiting on his new colleague Missy to show up for an important business meeting.


But, unfortunately he ended up losing out on the multi-million dollar deal because she came 37 minutes late! Pissed off and just furious, Scott knows that he will probably lose his job for this, but he decides to give Missy what she’s been waiting for! He’d heard how bad she had it for him so he thought he put her to the test getting her strip down naked as he yelled at her!


Just as he thought she couldn’t take anymore he started to unzip his pants giving her a peak at what she was about to get!


The second she saw his nice hard cock she knew this couldn’t be as bad as she’d thought!


She sat up on her knees and happily took his cock into her mouth swallowing it deep down her throat! Scott grabbed the back of her head thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until he could see her eyes bulge and her throat muscles tighten around his cock!


Just when he felt he couldn’t get any harder her bent her over and slammed his cock into her tight wet pussy! He could feel his cock splitting her pussy open as Missy is a small girl and his cock was big for her little pussy!


But, as he could feel her pussy nice and wet he slid his cock out and jammed his cock deep into her ass! He didn’t tell her or let her know he was going to ass fuck her and she had no idea! He pounded his big cock into her tight little ass splitting her in half!


She said it was the first time she’d ever had a cock up her ass and it was the biggest cock she’d ever had! Scott pounded her ass for what seemed like hours until he was ready to pump a fresh hot load all over her face! He even made her lick his dripping cock clean!

Lets Suck Cock

Aug 18th // niches: Big Cock, Blonde, Blowjobs, Brunette, Deep Throat, Pornstars, Two Girl Blowjobs

Mandy and Sandy were getting their pictures taken for a very sexy photo shoot by Marco.He was enjoying directing these super hot models into various compromising positions.The girls didnt mind because they were totally attracted to each other and they kissed and hugged each other all over.As they locked lips and tongues the girls decided to hatch a plan to include Marco in the photo shoot.


They walked over to Marco and took out his big long dick.They both surprised him and Marco wasnt about to say no to such hot horny women standing before him waiting for his cock.As they pulled his dick out and got on their knees they opened their mouths and moved in close to please him.


They stuffed Marco’s fat cock into their mouths and both of the girls began to suck on that dick.They started to give him a horny wet blowjob as Marco just closed his eyes and held onto their heads as he shoved his fat dick into their mouths.


Facial On Andi

Aug 17th // niches: Big Ass, Big Cock, Big Tits, Blondes, Fucking, Pornstars

Andi Heart is here to get her face messy and sticky because she wants a really wet and full of cum facial! She believes that the salty stuff makes her skin nice and smooth and she doesn’t mind pleasing a big dick with her mouth to get that far.She turned around and got undressed as she was showing her nice pink pussy.That big ass was looking great as well and she knew that she would be getting some play when that hard dick was ready.


The stiff cock came over and wanted to shove his dick inside of that long pink pussy.He grabbed her by the hips and started to pump his dick inside of her.She started to get really wet inside and soon he was dripping out her pussy juice all over the floor.Like a dip stick, every time he pulled his dick out the pussy juice just fell to the floor.


As the hard dick kept fucking her pussy Andi was enjoying the ride as the hard thick rod kept getting shoved inside.The texture on the dick was making her very hot and horny because it was touching her inside of her pussy on all the ridges and stimulation her clit as well.When he finally had to shoot his load he pulled out and jacked off as the semen fell all over her face.She just smiled.


Cock Search

Aug 16th // niches: Big Cock, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Cum Swallowers, Deep Throat

Mike was stopped at the border in a European country as he was trying to cross.Luckily he was stopped by one of the hottest customs agent.She had some nice big lips and some nice big tits.She came in closer to him and inspected his hard with her baton.She liked what she saw in the package between his pants.He had a good time staring at her nice tits and wanting to suck on them.


She handcuffed him to the chair and she started to suck on his big dick.It was a really big cock and she tried to deep throat that big dick with her mouth.He enjoyed watching her struggle and get that long dick deep inside of her mouth.


She wanted to take control so she had him stand up and she got on her knees.She took that dick in her hands and began to stroke on it and suck on it at the same time.He wishes he would get caught trying to cross the border more!


Nurses Suck Cock

Aug 15th // niches: Blowjobs, Brunettes, Deep Throat, Ebony

Watch as this lucky fat dick gets taken care of by these two horny hot nurses! Johnny was in a bar fight and before he knew where he was he awoke to two of the hottest nurses this side of the planet.They told him that while they were cleaning him up they noticed his big cock, this made his dick rise up and he was ready for some fun.


They handled his fat dick and it stood up really long.The nurses stared at it for a minute and when they saw how huge it was they knew they had their work cut out for them.They took turns taking that fat dick inside of theor mouths.They licked on the tip and kissed it.


It was a very fat cock and Johnny was enjoying his blowjob from the nurses.They sucked on his long fat dick and made him cum all over inside of their mouths.


Wild Orgy Party

Aug 14th // niches: Big Tits, Blow Jobs, Brunettes, Fucking, Hardcore, Panties, Public Nudity, Stockings, big dick

We followed a group of horny fuckers that made their way to an exclusive beach side resort club.They quickly made their way to the VIP area which was its own secret place in the building.When our eyes adjusted we were amazed at what was found inside of this club! It was a bunch of dicks and pussies all over the place.There were people fucking everywhere and it seemed like it was a free for all in paradise!


We saw and opened our jaws at some really fine girls getting fucked by some hard dicks.There were drinks all around and everyone was having a great time just fucking and getting off.Did we mention that there were alot of super hot babes wearing next to nothing looking for the next fat cock that was about to have sex with them!


Shop Together, Fuck Together

Aug 13th // niches: Blonde, Lesbians, Threesome

These three horny blonde friends have been caught making out and fucking on each other again! They cant help that they are a trio of privileged blonde sluts that get bored really easily.They went downtown to L.A. to get a good deal on some dresses.They even had the factory close down for a few hours while they looked and shopped.As the girls went in and out of dresses they started to notice each other.


Their sexy bodies were looking fine naked and so the girls started to get horny and want to fuck each other good.They got fully undressed and started to make out and kiss and run their nice bodies all over.Two of the horny blondes lay on the table as one of the girls started to finger fuck them both at the same time.She stuck her fingers deep inside of those pussies and made them very wet.


The other two blondes decided they would get even hornier and hotter if the double teamed up on their friend.They both took her and opened up her legs as they started to finger her fast and hard.


Celebrate naked

Aug 12th // niches: Blondes, Breasts, Brunettes, Cougars, High Heels, Lesbians, Panties, Porn Stars, Stockings

Leona and Denise are two bi-sexual lovers that are celebrating their 1 year anniversary together.They thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with some wine and looking very sexy for each other.Some really hot dresses and lingerie was what the girls wore and wanted to share more than a drink with each other.


They took their dresses off and revealed some excellent bodies.These two babes are stacked like goddesses as their nice big boobs get held in by the lingerie.As they move close to each other they begin to kiss and make out and touch each other all over making their bodies get goose bumps.


Time for some titty licking with their tongues.The lingerie gets pulled down and the nice tits pop out.The girls take turns handling each others boobs and licking on their nipples for some fun.


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