Rachel Roxxx The Cock

Mar 28th // niches: Blow Job, Brunettes, Deep Throat, Hardcore, Public Fucking

Rachel Roxx was very excited because today she was going to take a helicopter ride that she was very interested in trying out.Her friends all pitched in and booked her for a copter ride with one of the most cutest instructors out there.She was enjoying her time with him as he told her the ins and outs of flying in a helicopter.As he leaned in to talk to her she would go crazy for his smell and pretty soon she was very horny and looking to get his cock into her mouth.


As they flew over the sierra’s she got undressed and seduced him.He took out his large fat cock and she leaned over to take his dick inside of her mouth.She licked and pumped on that cock until it was finally inside of her.She had her red lips wrapped around the fat cock and the poor pilot in front was only able to hear some sexy moans wishing it was his cock that was getting sucked by this horny babe.


She wanted to see what the mile high club was all about so she straddled his body and jumped on top.She opened up her wet pussy and he started to pump her inside.He shoved his dick inside of her as she rode it and had a blast getting fucked from thousands of miles up in the sky.


Christina Moure Horny

Mar 27th // niches: Brunettes, Fucking, Hardcore, Panties, Small Tits, Teens, big dick

Christina was tending to her families store one day when she just couldn’t take it anymore. She was missing having a hot cock inside of her horny pussy and she grabbed some of the porno mags from the rack and started to masturbate herself at the store.Standing behind the counter she inserted a few fingers into her pussy and touched her supple nice tits and nipples.She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing in the magazine but she was wishing that she would be able to get fucked like that really soon.It looks like it might be lucky day today!


All of a sudden a masked robber stormed into the store asking for some money.Christina had a wild idea and was glad that there was finally a cock available that she would be able to use. She seduced the robber into fucking her nice and hard as he took off his mask and walked over to Christina.He turned her around and held her arms together just in case this was some type of trick.He lifted her skirt up and her nice bubble ass was bare and ready as he shoved his cock into her from behind.


Christina was having the time of her life as the robber pumped her pussy nice and good.She was living her fantasy and was moaning and enjoying that cock going in and out of her,he lifted her up on one of the little fridges and had a better view of her pussy.He took his dick and just rammed it inside of her hot wet pussy.Over and over again he shoved that cock inside of Christina until he finally hit pay dirt and came all over inside of her.


Busty Jessi Eats Cum

Mar 26th // niches: Big Cock, Big Tits, Blowjobs, Brunette, Cum Swallowers, Deep Throat, Party Girls

Its never a party unless you invite busty Jessi and her naughty ways.She arrived at our location wearing a pretty nice outfit that we knew should would take off sooner or later.We weren’t mistaken as her nice busty tits peeked out from underneath her top and they perked out and pointed outwards. As soon as she saw the cock that she was going to be enjoying she gasped in relief as she saw the nice thick dick.She thought it looked cute and she wanted to have some fun with it.We have to ask, how can a dick look cute?


It doesn’t matter to us what this hot babe thinks of the dick as long as she gives us what we want and that’s her sucking it down inside of her mouth.Sure enough she began to mouth that dick with her juicy lips and take it all in.That is one lucky dick we see there as this babe sucks on it my friends!


She sucks on that cock and gives it pleasure with a smile.the dick trys to pull out of her mouth to get a breather but this hot babe aint having none of that.She uses her suction powers and sucks that dick back into her mouth.She also strokes on the dick and makes it get ready to explode as the jizz fills out of the tiny hole.She opens her mouth up and shows us the gob of cum which she quickly swallows and enjoys.


Delilah Blows Big Cock

Mar 25th // niches: 28, Big Cock, Blowjobs, Deep Throat, Red Heads, Throat Gaggers

One look at sexy red head Delilah and we know your cock will be standing up in attention of this sexy hot babe.With her flaming red hair and that gaze that could melt you she is always ready for some fun with a dick.If you play your cards right with her that cock might be yours!


Delilah was licking on the head of this cock and enjoying the tip.As she licked on the helmet head of the cock she was getting her mouth very wet and dripping with oral juice.She enjoyed the feeling and taste of that dick as it touched her lips and rubbed up along the length of her nice round lips.


She really pleased that cock very well because the dude that was attached to it couldn’t stop moaning and oohing and ahhing from her special oral powers.That not all this hot babe was able to do, she opened up her mouth wider and the dick began to slowly move its way deeper and deeper inside of her.Finally it dissapeared inside of her mouth as she gagged on it for a couple of minutes enjoying the tip of the dick tickle her tonsils.


The laundry Suck

Mar 24th // niches: Blowjobs, Brunettes, Deep Throat

Janet was at home in her panties and tank top taking care of some house work because she had the day off from work.She decided to catch up on the laundry so she piled up the dirty clothes and got herself to work in her sexy get up.All of a sudden the phone rang and it was her boyfriend Max! He called because he had just busted out of prison and was on the lamb trying to avoid the cops and not get caught again.He called her and told her that he would be arriving soon so she could suck on his large thick dick one last time before he goes out in a blaze of glory.She waited impatiently until he finally arrived.


He took her over and she was glad to see him even though he was in a hurry.As soon as he saw her they began to make out and get very horny as he pulled her panties off.He took out his large dick and she was stroking on that hard cock with both hands.She felt really excited to be doing it this way because she thought the cops were going to break in any second.She laid down on the bed and he came over to her and shoved his cock deep into her mouth.He started to face fuck her as she used her deep throat education and took his large cock inside of her mouth with ease.


Izzybella Blue

Mar 23rd // niches: Big Tits, Red Heads, Tits

Izzybella Blue loves to show off those tits.She knows that you will stare at them and wish that you were there and ready to play with them.She sits down and her breasts are full and in the open for you to enjoy.


A Trio of Tongues

Mar 22nd // niches: Blonde, Lesbians, Orgy, Panties, Teens, Threesome

We caught up with this trio of sexy blonde tongues as they were roller skating their way down Venice blvd.They wore some pretty small short shorts and we knew that they had some fun planned for each other afterwards.We tagged along as the girls headed back to the condo and went into the bedroom to start the fun.they started to impress us by kissing and making out and rubbing all up on their bodies.


As the blonde babes got horny, the tongues were licking everywhere.First it was only a tongue in a mouth or by the earlobe but pretty soon these horny blonde babes were ready to taste some pussy.They took turns as they laid down and opened up each others legs and slid their tongues all over their most sensitive parts for pleasure.


Jayden Jaymes Waits at Home

Mar 21st // niches: Blow Job, Breasts, Brunettes, Deep Throat, Hardcore, Porn Stars, Skirts

Even though Jayden James is a really hot and horny Porn starlet she stills likes to go home and enjoy her husbands cock.She cant wait to see his face light up as she waits for him on their bed looking very sexy and horny.Today is just that day as Jayden finds herself waiting on the bed when her husband arrives.


He notices her nice ass on the bed and comes over to give her exact what she wants.She turns over and throws him on the bed as she takes his dick out of his slacks and pulls her top down.Her big round tits bounce out as she opens her mouth and starts to lick on the dick with her tongue.She starts to moan and enjoys having his dick in her hands and mouth.


He has his time as he picks her up and dum,ps her on the bed.She opens up her legs spread eagle as he starts to pump her wet horny pussy with his dick.She starts to scream as she feels his dick get shoved inside and out of her for some sexual pleasure!


Take Me hard

Mar 20th // niches: Brunettes, Fucking, Hardcore, Panties, big dick

Nancy was feeling extra horny today because she was watching some romantic movies at home while her boyfriend was at work.She was getting very sexually frustrated by herself as she took her fingers and would play with her pussy imagining that a hot cock was about to penetrate her.She jumped for joy when her boyfriend finally arrived and she kneeled over by his cock and begged him to take her hard and fast with his thick dick.


He loved the way she was waiting for him on all fours so he walked behind her and forcefully pulled her panties down.Her nice round butt was revealed and he slapped it with his hands to get her ready to take the dick in.He took his big dick and started to show it inside of her pussy as it got very wet and warm.The cock was swallowed by her wet warm pussy lips and he enjoyed shoving that dick in and out of her.


She wanted to ride him and finish off so she could have an orgasm.She straddled his body and she started to maneuver herself up and down as the dick was going in deeper and deeper.That fat long cock was going inside of her as she screamed out and was living her fantasy!


Tanner Mayes Gets Salty

Mar 19th // niches: Big Ass, Big Cock, Blowjobs, Brunettes, Cum Swallowers, Facials, Fucking, Teens

Tanner Mayes invited her special fuck buddy friend over for some good times.He had to sneak out of work early in order to meet her at her house and get to fuck this horny hot babe.When he arrived she was already ready wearing her panties and white bra and getting herself very horny for his cock.


She leaned over to him as he was gettin undressed and started to suck on his dick.She gives nice blow jobs with her wet mouth and she was starting to rev up her pussy motor.As she rubbed on her hot pussy through her panties she started to get wetter and wetter. She was ready to have his dick inside of her so she stood up and faced her ass towards him.


He turned her over and pulled down her panties as her nice pussy hole stared back at him.He took his long thick cock and started to pound her in the hole as she started to moan and scream because of the pleasure she was experiencing.After a nice fuck,he wanted to shoot his cum on her face so she jacked him off until his jizz finally spattered out of his dick hole.


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